ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – High school baseball is well off into playoffs and of all the 5A teams in the state of Texas, only 12 percent are still playing baseball.

Here in the Key City we have two teams a part of that percentage, the first being Abilene High.

The Eagles are happy to still be alive in the playoffs after securing two wins against Ysleta last weekend, allowing them to advance to round three.

Not many high school baseball teams can say that they’re still playing ball at this time, and with each win for the Eagles they’re given the chance in rewriting the script of success.

“It’s fun to watch them play and they get out there and practice hard everyday. I want them to appreciate what they’re doing too. I don’t want them to get a big head, I don’t want them to make more of it out of it then it is, but I do want them to appreciate what they’ve put in since January 20th,” said head coach Brad Harman.

So, it’s fun to watch and when the third out was made in the last two Saturday’s, just to watch them celebrate that and touch the gold trophy man it’s a really good feeling,” Harman added.

Rylan Stokes said, “It’s pretty crazy like I personally didn’t see myself or any of us being like this. So, it’s pretty special and just hope we can go as far as we can.”

The Wylie Bulldogs are also in that percentile of still playing ball. In the last two years, the Bulldogs have been knocked out of the playoffs in the fourth round, but Wylie made an effort to learn this season from their mistakes from the past.

As the season continues the team is coming together more which leads them to where they are now, preparing for round three the regional quarterfinals.

“It goes back to I think to some who have shared those moments before the last two years and some haven’t. I think it’s a big deal to still be playing, you’re exactly right,” said head coach Grant Martin.

“It’s quite an honor and we understand that another opportunity is in front of us to extend our season and every time there’s a series that is won or loss there are fewer teams that play,” Martin added.

“So, we understand the aspect of that and I think our team has kind of been built for that and I thought the kids have done a great job so far. We have a very very tough opponent, we look forward to playing them again and having the opportunity to hopefully be our best that day.”

Wylie goes head to head against Lubbock Monterey on Friday at 7 p.m.