Over 140 student athletes attended 22nd FCA All-Star Festival

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On Wednesday morning, young athletes from across the Big Country took their talents to Wylie High School for the 22nd annual FCA All-Star Festival orientation. Some of these athletes have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

Jackson Sepeda says, “I’m really excited. I mean, last night I really couldn’t sleep at all. I’m just really excited to be here and to be a part of all of this.”

Haley Hanson added, “It’s an honor to be here. I’ve known these girls my whole life because I’ve played school volleyball with them, but it’s always been a competitive thing. Getting to come and play with them is awesome, and I love catching up with all of them.”

The FCA Festival gives graduating seniors the chance to get back out there and play the sport they love, while at the same time focusing on their faith.

Area Director Andy Penney says, “For us it’s a ministry opportunity, and we get four full days of investing into kids. Not only to showcase their physical talents, but we get to invest in them and grow them spiritually as well.”

Jackson Sepeda added, “It’s nice to see that all of your hard work works out for something. When you go through all of the time lifting, working, running to do all that stuff, and finally get recognized with something big like this, it feels real good to accomplish something big like this. It feels real good personally to accomplish like that.”

While this event is about more than just the X’s and the O’s, it does allow these athletes to play against some competition that’s pretty darn good.

Jackson Sepeda says, “I know there’s a couple here going to play college ball at the next level. So it make me see where I’m at physically to be able to get ready for the next level.”

Haley Hanson added, “I know it’s competitive, but it’s going to be more of a fun thing just to come together, because school volleyball to do you best, but this is more of a community and to be together.”

When the festival started the only sport they played was football. Area Coordinator Andy Penney says he’s proud of the progress they’ve made, and can’t wait to see what sports they add next.

Andy Penney says, “Basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball, as well as cheerleading. We actually have 10 student trainers here for the first time and we played out inaugural golf tournament this year too.”

The Allstar Volleyball game is on Saturday at 11:00am, and the Allstar Football game is later that evening at 7:00pm at Shotwell Stadium.

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