The ACU Wildcats are putting the final touches on Keith Patterson’s first spring as the head coach of the Wildcats.

ACU put the team on display in the showcase on Saturday for the other students and the fans.

The football team is still a work in progress, but coach Patterson was happy with what he saw over the weekend, and he wants his team to keep up the hard work.

Patterson said, “I thought it was just a great opportunity for our kids to get out there and work some situations within a course of a game, there’s some really good teaching and some things happen. Just the game management part of, whether it be the two-minute drills or red zone work. It’s all those things, I just look forward to getting our guys to understand, ‘Hey we’re trying to sustain that focus and the intensity throughout the course of five weeks anf fifteen practices.’ I look forward to those guys this week to just finish it strong and make sure we finish it on a good note on Thursday.”

The Wildcats practice three times this week to finish the spring, but the work continues through the school year and the summer.

Patterson’s first game as the head coach at ACU is September 1 at Anthony Field against Lamar.