When most people think of the FCA All-Star Festival they usually think about football, but over the years the week long event has expanded to include other sports like volleyball.

“I am actually really excited. I mean, I’ve played with some of these girls before, but not all of them so it’s good to get to know everyone and obviously play the sports that we all love a lot,” said Clyde’s Liz Underwood.

“This is your dream team. These are the girls that have all come together, nominated by the coaches, selected by us head coaches for FCA to come together just to really shine,” said Merkel Head Coach Mitzi Bell.

“My sister around four years ago, she actually got to play in an FCA game herself. So me being here kind of filling in her shoes is really awesome,” said Big Spring’s Ryen Terrazas.

While there is a lot these players can take from this week, they say there is nothing like a little competition.

“Being with a group of girls that are as good as I am if not better, it pushes me to want to be like that. The red team, south, they’re going to be just as good, so I’m just really excited to see how everything’s going to play out,” said Terrazas.

This week is an opportunity for these recent high school graduates to improve both on and off the court.

“It’s honestly a great honor. Like without volleyball I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten any of the opportunities that I have. There’s other sports, but this is the one for me. So it’s just nice to be here with the same people that have the same type of intentions as me to grow as a player,” said Sweetwater’s Paris Houston.

“Our kids are facing more struggles now, than they ever have before, that we’ve never faced in generations past, and FCA is a great way to get these kids to come together. Not only as athletes, but especially as believers,” said Coach Bell.

The 10th annual FCA All-Star Volleyball game will take place this Saturday at 11:00am, in the Wylie High School gym.