In the most unique event The Sanitizer Series has featured to date, Max Preston defeated Dusty Baker 4-2 in the Sports Reporter Combine.

Preston and Baker competed in a 100-yard dash while holding video cameras up to their eyes the entire time.

In the 100-yard dash, Preston edged Baker 15.05 seconds to 15.17.

In the following two events, Preston and Baker tied by hitting 5/6 of their targets each in the Target Test Challenge. Preston and Baker nabbed all 5 passes thrown their way in the Route Running Challenge.

In what would be the final event, Preston maintained holding a camera over his head longer than Baker.

Event five would have been a 50-second sprint.

With Baker’s high ankle sprain, the concept of further damaging the ankle was not what he had in mind.

Baker said, “Preston kept reminding me that we had to run. My ankle told me it was time to move on to ping pong.”

With the win, the series is even at three.

Ping pong will be the next competition for Week 7.