Rangers’ Globe Life Field 62% finished

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Construction of Globe Life Field is approximately 62% complete.
Construction Status:
Roof Steel:
•    The final piece of the east fixed roof truss at the new Globe Life Field was installed Wednesday morning. This final piece of the east truss, located on the northeast portion of the site, weighed 922,300 pounds
•    Now that the east fixed roof truss installation is complete, retractable roof construction can follow. The retractable portion of the roof will add an additional 65 feet of height to the structure.
•    The roof will use a total of 19,000 tons of steel and span 5.5 acres. Roof construction started in late fall 2018, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.
Additional Roof Work:
•    ETFE installation is 50% percent complete in the roof area above the west concourse. A photo is attached (GLF_ETFE_West)
•    Ethylene Tetraflouroethylene (ETFE for short), a plastic polymer related to Teflon, will cover 10,500 square feet of the ballpark.
•    It addition to the roof, the ETFE will also be utilized along concourses to allow natural light into the building. 
Concrete work:
•    Concrete construction on the dugout walls, camera wells and bullpens started this week, creating definition for the field level.
•    Poured on-site concrete is complete in all areas with the exception of the service level. Concrete was poured last week on the service level behind home plate, in what will be the home plate club.
•    Installation of the precast seating risers for the lower concourse is 25% complete. The lower bowl precast installation started in April in the southwest corner of the site and will move east around the seating bowl.
•    Installation of the upper and main concourse precast concrete risers, which began last July, is completed. 
•    A total of 115,000 cubic yards of concrete has been poured on-site to this point. 
            Internal Work:
•    Concession and restroom tile work has started on the lower concourse, service level, and the office building.
•    Stone countertops are being installed in the suites.
•    Glass installation is 40% complete on the suite areas of the ballpark.
•    Drywall is 50% complete in the ballpark.
External Work:
•    The installation of exterior glass is nearing completion on the south side. Glass installation is currently on the southeast side of the project and heading east.
•    Hand-laid brick installation for the notable brick arches on both the inside and the outside of the ballpark started last week. Brick is also being installed on the columns of the southeast porch entry.
•    Limestone installation has started on the south entry. Limestone is being installed on the bottom ten feet of the facade, connecting to the brick.
•    Metal panels have been installed on the upper portion of the office building and on the canopy at the southwest corner of the site.  
•    Installation of 100,000 square feet of precast architectural concrete has been completed.
•    A million bricks will compose the exterior of Globe Life Field, totaling over 216,000 square feet. All 55,556 square feet of precast brick is completed. The rest will be hand laid brick. 
Structural Steel:
•    Bowl steel was completed in mid-February, using a total of 16,000 tons of steel to construct. The final piece was installed on the upper concourse area of centerfield, the northeastern portion of the site. 
•    The bowl steel construction started in June of 2018, taking nine months to complete.
•    Permanent water was established on the site last week.
•    Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical work is ongoing.
•    Plaster ceiling installation has started in the srestrooms.
•    Pressbox and broadcast levels started framing last week.
•    Fire suppression systems are live.
•    13 escalators have been installed on-site. The installation of 24 elevators will begin at the beginning of June.
•    The four-story office building, located on the southeast side of the site, is 75% complete. The interior of the building has been framed, drywall installed and painting has begun.
Facts and Figures:
•    HKS is the design architect for the project and Manhattan Construction Company is the Construction Manager.        
•    Approximately 1,300 workers are on-site daily. 
•    The Globe Life Field team has completed over 2.5 million man hours of work up to this point.
•    The official groundbreaking for Globe Life Field took place on September 28, 2017 with construction beginning the following week.
•    The new 1.8 million square foot ballpark is located on 13 acres just south of the current Globe Life Park in Arlington. 
•    Seating capacity is approximately 40,300 for Globe Life Field, which will open in March 2020. 

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