The Dallas Renegades were looking for their first win at home after winning two on the road in the last two weeks, but they come up short plagued by turnovers. Landry Jones throws three interceptions in the first quarter, Fumbles in the fourth and Phillip Nelson with the deciding interception towards the end of the game at the goal line in the fourth quarter. With five turnovers in the game for the Renegades, they still only fell short to the Roughnecks 27-20 just 7 points. I talked to head coach Bob Stoops after the game and Lance Dunbar about how good this team could be if they eliminate some of those mistakes.

Head Coach Bob Stoops said, “Well you have to clean them up. It gives you positive hope and gives everyone in the locker room encouragement that that hey if we can just clean this up we do have a chance to really do well, but you have to get it done. We gotta do a better job as coaches of getting it done on the field in practice and what not. Players as well, so we’re all in it together and hopefully we can start to make some of those corrections.”

Lance Dunbar said, “We said we have to win, before week one. We start out slow and in the second half we come to play. We just have to do a better job at the beginning. We know we’re a great team, we just gotta put it all together.”

The Dallas Renegades next week on Saturday facing the New York Guardians to get their first win at home, while the Houston Roughnecks look to continue their undefeated season at home against the Seattle Dragons. Reporting for Globe Life Park, for Big Country Sports, I’m Max Preston.