After finishing 1-10 in 2020, the Roscoe Plowboys have kicked off this season with a 3-1 record.

The Plowboys say this drastic turnaround has to do with a change in mentality across the roster, and a number of experienced players returning.

Including key members offensive line and quarterback Jax Watts, who is in his second year as a starter, and he is only a sophomore.

Jax Watts says, “Last year was a little scary to be honest, I’m not going to lie about that, but this year co,imng in I felt a lot more developed and confident. Everyone being more confident is key, because if you’re confident you can go out there and win games. If you don’t have a winning mentality, you can’t win. It’s been great and I know all of these guys on the field have my back, especially the O-Line.”

Xavier Lopez says, “My senior year, the thing that I want to capitalize, and I know it shows to help with our team is the leadership. The leadership has grown so strong. We have all the seniors, and plus more just strong leadership. When something goes bad on the field we don’t give up. We push each other and that’s what got us those wins as well. When somehting goes bad we keep our heads up and we push each other to go for the win.”

Head Coach Jake Freeman says, “If you go into games thinking that you’re going to win and believing that you’ve got a good football team, that’s a huge part of it. Their mental state has been great. We’ve experienced some success over the past three weeks and the kids expect to win, and that expectation goes a long way.”

In week five the Plowboys are looking for some payback against the New Home Leopards, who are also sitting at 3-1 and beat Roscoe last year at Plowboys Field 46 to 12.