The Plowboys started off their season a little different than most high school football teams. They played week one like everyone else, but because of some scheduling troubles, they had back to back open dates in week two and week three.

“It’s not ideal whatsoever and we have to play the hand we’re dealt. Those things are out of our control and when we talk about the kids, control things you can control. Since we couldn’t do that, we had to use what we could to our advantage,” said head coach Jake Freeman.

But this has not stopped the Plowboys from pushing forward.

“Trying to stay focused everyday even during practice and just doing little things and just keeping our heads in it and trying to let us get complacent because complacent leads to failure,” said Parker Gleaton.

“Just making sure like we practice more and get better because when we feel kind of lazy and draggish, that’s when it carries on into the game and we start that first half kind of bad, but I think if we better off during our practice then we’ll better during our game,” said Jacob Kiser.

Because of that, coach Freeman worked tirelessly to find someone to play in week six. After a few calls around the lone star state, they found the Sunray Bobcats who are about 300 miles away.

“Tough team, we’re looking forward to that challenge and you know they’re very well coached. It’s one of those games that’ll get us ready for this tough league play because we have a tremendously tough district. So, I feel that game is going to help us out a lot,” said coach Freeman.

After the Sunray game, the Plowboys start district play. The top five teams in the district are a combined 18 and 5.

“It’s going to be a gauntlet you know, and we feel good about our chances competing in those games and we’re going to go into every one of those games expecting to win,” said coach Freeman.

Roscoe’s game against Sunray is on Friday at 6 P.M., at Lubbock Cooper.