The Roscoe Plowboys had one of their best seasons in over a decade in 2021.

Head coach Jake Freeman’s team won nine games for the first time since 2008, and the majority of that nine-win team is back for this season.

It’s reasonable to think the train is going to keep rolling.

As a matter of fact, the Plowboys expect it to roll all the way to Arlington on the weekend right before Christmas.

Jax Watts said, “State championship of course, we’ve got guys that have been together since like third grade. So we’ve been dreaming of this and we’ve got guys that wanna be here, excited to practice so I think it’s gonna be a good year.”

Jake Freeman said, “I mean last year we had a great year, exceeded some people’s expectations. We keep telling this team right here, don’t be complacent. We’re proud of what we did, but we’re not satisfied. We’re not gonna be satisfied until we’re hoisting that stae championship trophy. Only one team at the end of the year that is completely satisfied with their season. Ultimate goal is to be that but this team has a lot of expectations coming in. We want that. We wanna be in a situation where we have high expectations. With those high expectations, comes a huge challenge. So, we’re lookng forward to that.”

The Plowboys are picked ot finish second in their district behind top-ranked Albany.

The season opens at home against Colorado City.