Sanitizer Series tied at 1 after Preston dominates in NBA2K

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Dusty Baker and Max Preston continued the Sanitizer Series on Sunday, and Max bounced back from a Week 1 loss in Madden to dominate Dusty in NBA2K in the second game of the series.

As the Mavericks, Max topped Dusty, as the Lakers, by 46 points, 93-47.

Max is back in it, and the series is tied at 1-1.

Max Preston said, “Just like you said, evening the series at 1 a piece. I needed a win. I didn’t want to go down 0-2. Dusty being 2-0 would’ve made me pretty upset. I would’ve gone back to my apartment and cried. I get the win today. We’re 1-1, and we’re tied. Thanks goodness.”

Dusty Baker said, “To be honest with you I felt pretty confident in the first quarter. I felt like Alabama/Citadel. I was hanging in there the entire time, but when the second half arose, that’s when the wheels fell off. That’s when Max showed me he’s played a little too much 2K, at this time.”

The Sanitizer Series is tied, 1-1. It continues on Sunday.

Max and Dusty meet in a classic baseball game in Round 3.

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