SURPRISE, Arizona (BCH Sports) – Marcus Semien is entering his second season with the Texas Rangers.

Over the past five years in the big leagues, he played in 697 games. Only one player played in more, Freddie Freeman with 698.

Semien credits a former Texas Rangers great for nurturing his work ethic.

“I came up under Buddy Bell, another guy who just preached playing everyday,” he said. Semien added, “If you aren’t hurt you should be playing. I feel like I got better the more I played, so I always want to continue that mindset.”

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy said, “He’s got his routine of preparation. he doesn’t deviate from it. He’s relentless with his work ethic. He wants to play every day. He doesn’t want any days off. It’s just who he is. Since he’s been here he’s been great.”

Entering his 11th season in Major League Baseball, Semien adopted the mantra of working smarter, not harder.

Semien said, “Now it’s more about getting in the weight room and making suere my body is strong. Doing things to stay healthy, not necessarily being the biggest I can be in the weight room, just how can I be the strongest with all of the muscles that we constantly use every single day.”

Just like Buddy Bell influenced Semien’s career, the gold glove infielder is making his mark on the next generation.

“I mean I go out and do their routines with them all the time. So I mean everything I’ve been working on this spring. Whether it’s footwork or in the weight room, just all that kind of stuff. I’m kind of Marcus and Nate’s tail when it comes to routines and stuff right now,” Jung said. He added, “I’m trying to play as many games as I can out of the 162 and there’s no one better than Semien who played 162 for a couple years in a row so I just see what they do and try to be like them.”

In ten years, Jung can do the same for the generation of talent following him.

Texas opens the 2023 season at home against the Phillies on March 30.