The Westbrook Wildcats claimed their second back-to-back state title with a 69 to 24 victory over Abbott.

The players have been playing together since they were little boys and all the way through out high school.

The underclass man says the seniors expressed superior leadership throughout the season.

The seniors on the team not only leave as state champs but is hoping that the leadership aspect of the team continue on next season.

Junior Parker Metlock said, “These are some of the best leaders we’ve had and they just lead in such a good way, positive attitude and just show us how to really be a leader.”

Senior Cedric Ware said, “Amazing, especially with this group. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. We fought in through the weight program and got it done.”

Senior Hadley White said, “We have an amazing atmosphere day in and day out even at practices. Games especially, we could be losing and still feel like we’re winning because our team is so amazing, they keep the energy up. “

Westbrook concluded their season as Class 1A Division I state champs, with an overall record of 14-1.