The Anson Tigers rolled over Miles in the second round of the playoffs to claim the Area championship.

The Tigers are a team that is dominated by seniors.

Seven members of the starting line up are playing their final games as Anson Tigers.

That fact makes the environment around the team special.

The group is tight knit, and even the underclassmen notice it’s a unique situation.

Stryker Dillard said, “It’s just kind of a gift. I mean being able to play with this group of guys, all these seven seniors, all great baseball players. Good role models for younger kids, especially me.”

Riley Pippin added, “We had an exceptional season in district this year, and we have a great group of guys. We’ve played together for so long now, that it just feels right.”

Head Coach Scotty Nichols said, “The deep playoff run always helps the year before when you get close and you falll a little short at the end. That little burning desire to get to the next spot, the next round, that always helps. This group has got a chemistry that’s hard to find. They’ve played together since they were small travel guys, on travel ball teams, and they know each other. They have fun with each other, there’s never any bickering, never any fighting. They’re always on board to help each other out.”

The playoffs continue for Anson on Thursday.

They are set to play a one-game, winner take all, playoff against Hamilton on Thursday.

The first pitch is scheduled to be thrown at 7 p.m. in Brock.