ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Lady Bulldogs Heather Collier has been coaching softball for more than two decades.

“All the players I’ve had over the years, they’re all smart, fun, athletic, and this group is no different,” said head coach Collier.

In all those years, she’s amassed a remarkable record of wins and losses, but now reaches a new milestone by claiming her 400th career victory.

“To be honest for years I’ve never knew what my record was, that wasn’t something I kept up with,” said coach Collier. She added, “I had some parents and some coaches that were like ok we’re going to figure this out for you that they took that time which was very special to me.”

Wylie has been playing well all season, they oppened district play with a 6-4 win over Abilene High. The girls say they credit coach Collier for their achievements.

Jadyn Fernandez said, “It feels good to be a part of that with her especially because she’s a great coach. She just pushes you to do your hardest all the time.”

“Just knowing that she’s been here that long and that she’s helped other teams and organizations really be together and win, I think it’s a big moment for all of us to share together,” said Reese Farrar.

As the Lady Bulldogs contiune into district play, they do so with a sense of pride and confidence knowing that they have one of the most successful coaches in Abilene leading them.

“She just matches our energy most of the time,” said Fernandez. She just makes us feel comfortable and teaches us the way we need to be taught. We all have different teaching styles, so she adapts pretty well to that.”

“She’ll bring anything, she’ll bring the spunk. She’ll be serious at sometimes; she’ll have her squirrel moments just like all of us but she’s like another girl on the team,” said Mycala Reed

Coach Collier not only praises her team’s hard work and dedication, but also the parents.

“With the 400 wins you couldn’t do it without the parents and the athletes. I’ve had some amazing girls and your bench matters as those that are on the field because their positivity is going to feed the rest of the team,” said coach Collier.

A moment she now cherishes for the rest of her life.