Westbrook senior running back Cedric Ware is a key component to the Wildcat’s offense averaging 147 yards and 27 points per game.

Playing a huge role in this Wildcat’s second straight appearance to the Class 1A Division 1 state championship game.

Cedric Ware said, “I guess it’s pretty cool, I don’t really recognize it. That’s a lot. It’s pretty cool, I just trust my instinct and run behind my blockers. They’re really good and they make it easy, just follow the blocks. I’ll just run and how the first blocks are, I run off their back, I see their back and just go right off of it. Then like you said, just explosive and just go right off.”

Head coach Homer Matlock said, “He’s special and he’s an even better kid. Everybody that knows Ced, it’s easy to root for him, cause he is just such a great guy. You know he doesn’t pat himself on the back. He doesn’t boast about all he can do. We love Ced, he’s just really special around here and you know our guys go out and block, because he’s like that, they wanna go out and block extra hard for him. So you know, it’s kind of a special opportunity for us with him.”

Hadley White said, “Shifty, fast and ellusive is a good one. He’s insane, it makes our jobs on the line easy. Having backs, that get through holes that fast, you don’t have to block but just a couple seconds.”

The #1 Wildcats face the #2 Abbott Panthers Wednesday, at 2 p.m. at AT&T Stadium.