Silver Star Nation: Cowboys tight ends


Babe Laufenberg said, “In the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer Scrooge was haunted by the ghost of Christmas Past. That was a work of fiction. This, is not. The Cowboys tight ends room is haunted by the ghost of Jason Witten. And even though the future Hall of Famer is not here, he really is.”

Geoff Swaim said, “I had that experience when I was a rookie playing in San Diego in a preseason game. I caught a couple balls back to back, caught a couple passes, came out of the game, then I was on the other end of the sidelines and Witten looked at me and said ‘Go, get back in.’ And I didn’t know what it meant, I was like ‘oh okay,’ so I came in there and played but you figure out what it means.” 

Laufenberg said, “What’d you do after that?”

Swaim said, “Suck wind for sure.” 

Laufenberg said, “They say injury presents opportunity, but so does retirement to the Monday Night Football booth. How big of an opportunity is this?”

Blake Jarwin said, “Yeah. This is a lifetime opportunity, it’s a lifetime deal. You grow up and he’s been the tight end for the Dallas Cowboys for 15 years, and to see that spot open up, it’s a massive hole in the offense and void, so we’ve got the opportunity to fill that void.” 

Laufenberg said, “What do each of them feel like? There’s God up there watching them, but it also feels like Witten’s up there watching them. Blake Jarwin said ‘ah I fell down, Witten would be all over me, stuff like that.'”

Doug Nussmeier said, “I bet he still is watching. He’s watching from somewhere, I know he is. I’ll probably get a phone call, they’ll probably get a phone call.” 

Laufenberg said, “So it sounds like everybody will be getting a phone call. The phone’s going to ring for these Cowboys a week from tonight, that’s when they face the San Francisco 49ers in their first preseason game of the year.” 

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