Silver Star Nation: Cowboys try yoga


If someone on Vince Lombardi’s staff had proposed the idea to the legendary coach to skip practice and do yoga instead, someone would’ve been looking for a new job. But yoga is here at the Dallas Cowboys training camp, and it appears it’s here to stay.

Zack Martin said, “I’ve never done it. Actually, it was pretty good stretching and getting a little stretch in the off day.”

Babe Laufenberg said, “Had you done yoga before this camp?”

Joe Looney said, “Not really, not really. I hadn’t really picked it up too much, but I mean, I loved it.”

Laufenberg said, “Do you think you might get to the point one day where you’re actually leading the yoga?”

Looney said, “Oh man, if I get to that point, psh, I mean, that’ll be unreal.”

Laufenberg said, “Do you ever see Joe Looney becoming an instructor? He thinks that could be his calling.”

Tyrone Crawford said, “A yoga instructor?”

Laufenberg said, “Yeah.”

Crawford said, “Oh man.”

Laufenberg said, “Would you take his class?”

Crawford said, “I’d definitely take a Joe Looney class, yeah.”

Martin said, “Yes. Nimble, he’s very nimble on his feet. Doesn’t look like it by the naked eye, but he can get down there and he’s pretty nimble.”

Looney said, “I was joking around, you know, I want to be able to get my legs over my head here soon. Y’all will get that on camera, I promise you, I’ll make sure to let you guys know.”

Laufenberg said, “How close are we?”

Looney said, “We’re still light years away from that right now, but hey you never know. Miracles happen.”

Miracles do happen, but I’m not so sure we can pull that one off. Gotta love Joe Looney. 

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