During the Dallas Cowboys’ three game losing streak quarterback Dak Prescott was getting a lot of heat as if the three losses were all his fault. Well, during our Wednesday night Dallas Cowboys’ legends radio show, our Hall of Fame guest Roger Staubach said, you know what? I sent Dak a message. Told him to hang in there. That even I got booed during my career, and he also got a message from the Cowboys’ other Hall of Fame quarterback, Troy Aikman.

Dak Prescott said, “It’s meant everything. Roger sent me a text and told me about him getting booed, and if that doesn’t show you right there this business then it is what it is, so I mean that was great to hear from him and Troy and just the guys who have been through it, and it was great for me. Kind of the same thing. Just keep going, keep putting your head forward and just keep working. That’s the only thing you can do. The talk’s going to be there. Good or bad, so I mean I’m thankful for both of those guys.”

And in the Cowboys’ 38-14 victory over the Washington Redskins on Thursday night, Dak Prescott must have heeded their advice. After settling down after a shaky first quarter, he came back to throw for two touchdown passes, would’ve had a third if not for interference in the endzone, but the Cowboys scored anyway on that possession, and the Cowboys now stand 6-6 with a weekend off before they get back on Monday to start preparing for the New York Giants. I’m Mickey Spagnola for the Silver Star Nation.