The Abilene High Eagles have their quarterback.

Dylan Slack started for Abilene High against the Cooper Cougars in the Crosstown Showdown and won the job.

He threw for 196 yards and a touchdown in the Eagles’ first victory over the season, and his first varsity start of his career.

Slack’s performance helped get the offense on track, and they want to continur to grow this year.

Dylan Slack said, “It was my first time starting but this game I feel like the nerves are out. We got a groove on last game and so I feel like it’s going to carry over into this game. Our defense, they’ve been good for years and they’re pretty an experience group. All those guys are leaders, I look up to a lot of those guys. Offense we really feed off of their energy so, it’s really helpful.”

Cornerback Jayson Henley said,”We still have a young offense so we started off slow but we’re going to keep building up off that lost and continue to grow.”

The Eagles continue their rivalry with Midland Legacy on Friday night in Midland.

Abilene High is 4-6 against the Rebels in the last ten meetings.