The Snyder Tigers are turning heads this season in the Class 4A playoffs. Their playoff run includes a pair of sweeps and a series victory over state-ranked Andrews. This week, they are getting ready to take their biggest test of the playoffs, the Stephenville Yellowjackets.

Jaden West said, “I think all year we’ve been taking an underdog approach. Playing as the underdog, playing from behind, even when we are ahead. That’s been the key to success. We just need to keep doing that. Take that mindset into Stephenville and don’t get too big of a head. Don’t think we are better than anyone because any given day in baseball. It could go either way, so if we just continue to have the underdog mindset and approach to the game and try to play our best baseball, it usually works out for us in the end.”

Hunter Stewart said, “I think the fun part is that we are usually the underdogs in the games we play, and we just play hard. The fact that we’ve come back a lot from being down. That’s been the most fun part to me.”

Bryce Ford said, “I think what’s got us so much success is our line up. It’s not all one guy or a certain group of guys every time. We have guys in the seventh and eighth hole pull through for us whenever we need it and working the pitchers and getting their best guys off the mound and reach the bullpens has really led to our success.”

Shane Stewart said, “We are looking forward to a three-game weekend because it’s going to be a tough match up for both teams. I think we are going to both compete, but I think we are going to go into it with more confidence than we did going into the Andrews series. I think we were a little unsure of ourselves at that point because we are playing such a young playoff team, but now that we’ve been around for a few weeks, I think we are starting to gain some confidence and think they can play at this level.”

Snyder and Stephenville go head to head on Thursday at Abilene Christian University at 7 p.m and on Saturday at 1 p.m. at Hardin-Simmons University.