SNYDER, Texas (BCH Sports)–The Snyder Tigers baseball team has three arms returning on the roster this season that mean business.

They were all a part of the incredible playoff run last season and carrying that experience to this year with the same goals and even better outcomes.

Easton Stewart said, “Returning all three of last year’s squad helps us out a lot because we’ve obviously been in these situations and we know how it feels, the pressure. So just building off of last year helps us to be better and just the three of us working together have good chemistry so it helps us out a lot.”

Brandt House said, “There’s really three aspects of the game you need to win, that’s offense, defense and base running and extra stuff like that. When they don’t work together, you gotta really excel in one of them and the one we’re excelling now is pitching and defense.”House added, ‘When you can’t score a lot of runs you gotta make sure you don’t have any errors and make sure you gotta get people out and no free passes. So we really just work on getting ours efficiently and the little runs we have been scoring, we just take advantage of that.”

The Tigers are 5-1 in district play and have two weeks remaining in the regular season.