Snyder head football coach Wes Wood is one of the youngest coaches in the Big Country and the state. Wood is 31 years old, and he took over the Tigers program when he was 28. That is a really early start to a head coaching career, but he grew up with a coach in the house and his grand dad was a coach. His dad, David Wood, won 189 games in Muleshoe and a state title.

Wes Wood said, “That’s what I’ve grown up with my whole life. My dad was my coach, so I’ve been in the coaches office since I was one. It’s all I have ever known. He was kind of a father, a mentor, to so many. He was very, very, very good at his job. He was very passionate.”

And he passed down that passion to his son. You can tell Wood likes his job, and he’s wants to win. However, he says there’s more to it than wins and loses.

Wood said, “I’ve seen the impact you can have on young men’s lives. It’s special. It’s not what you make. It’s the difference you make. It’s a trying profession, especially now days. The rewards are far more beneficial for humanity, society, for America.”

And the kids know their coach cares about them, and he wants what’s best for them…

“Coach Woods is a really good coach. He’s been here since I was a freshman. I like everything he does. He’s a really good coach.”

“In football, he really brings everybody together. Our motto is ‘Give of thyself.’ Being selfless.”

That approach is working, too… Wood and the Tigers took a big step in the right direction in 2021 with a trip to the third round of the Class 4A Division II playoffs. This year, he was named one of the 40 coaches under 40 in the state of Texas by Texas Football Magazine.

Wood added, “It’s awesome. It’s so cool. I never would’ve expected that. l’m very, very blessed for that. Man, that’s just a credit to the kids and the coaches. It’s a team award. Everybody has to do their job, so it’s really cool to see them understand why they have to do their job in this coverage against this route against this concept against this combo in order for everything to work together.”

Snyder head coach Wes Wood is the Abilene Teacher’s Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.