When you think of Early High School, you don’t necessarily think of the girls athletic program.

Stoney Laughlin said, “It’s really been a change to the girls athletic program because our other sports are definitely struggling a bit so it’s good to finally have a team that’s good and worth watching.”

Jordan Simmons said, “The guys have been very successful and yes our softball program has always been known, but just been really special to come in and make a difference in the program.”

Fans are getting excited for the ninth-ranked Lady Longhorns for remaining unbeaten in district and on an 12-game win streak.

Grace LaRue said, “It pushes us all to be better, like the community come out here to support us. We do our best to, we have little softball sisters and they come out here and we include them in everything we do and the community really supports us in everything and being state-ranked helps us be better.”

The softball team is almost thirty years old and only missed the playoffs one time.

The Lady Horns are eyeing to make history of being the first team since 2010 to make a state appearance.

Marissa Skye Reedy said, “Yeah definitely, but it’s just another reason to motivate us just to be better and stay on top and not let our guard down and stay going hard in practice.”

Head coach Kelbie Case said, “We have to have positive vibes, we talk about being positive all the time at practice and having good energy and so just keeping together and keeping everything within us and within our team.”

The first goal is to win a district championship, the first step to that is Thursday’s game against Brock.