The Dallas Cowboys are making loads of assistant coach changes this season, and they added the dismissal of offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to the list on Sunday night.

By most standards, Moore did just fine as the Cowboys’ OC. The last two years they led the NFL in scoring.

We asked Mickey Spagnola, what are the benefits of making the changes at offensive coordinator, running back coach, and offensive line coach after back to back 12-win regular seasons.

Spagnola said, “Sometimes, you’ve got to make changes going forward. I’ve learned, sometimes you just need a new voice, even if you had a successful season. You know how when you raise kids, and you tell them something over and over and over, again, and you get a deaf ear, and then somebody from outside the immediate family does the same thing, and all of a sudden, it sinks in? Sometimes you do have to have a fresh voice.”

Moore didn’t have any trouble finding a new job. He is the new offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is going to call the plays in the 2023 season. He led Green Bay to a Super Bowl title calling plays.