Spagnola analyzes Cowboys play calling and talent

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The Dallas Cowboys are getting ready to take on the New Orleans Saints in their fourth game of the 2019 season.

The Cowboys offense is rolling heading into the game, and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is in a good groove.

Some are just waiting for NFL teams to have enough game tape to figure out the Cowboys tendencies, but Mickey Spagnola says good play calling doesn’t win games alone.

Spagnola said, “I know he’s getting a lot of credit for the play calling, and he’s done a really nice job, but you also have to give credit to the talent you have. You can call all of the greatest plays, but if your are not executing, and they’re not good enough to run the routes and get open and then catch the ball, then it doesn’t matter about the play calling. I think it’s a combination of the play calling and the talent, and the quarterback’s got to be precise. The play calling doesn’t allow him to complete passes, but I do like his rhythm.”

Let’s see how it goes on Sunday night.

The Cowboys and the Saints get together on Sunday night in the Superdome.

Dallas beat the Saints last year in a primetime match up. You can see this year’s game here on KRBC.

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