After nearly two weeks of inactivity, LeBron James broke his silence on Twitter Saturday amid ongoing speculation surrounding his NBA future to weigh in on, perhaps, the league’s most polarizing headline outside of his possible retirement.

The Lakers superstar has dominated the news cycle since teasing the idea of retiring on Monday after the Nuggets swept L.A. in the Western Conference finals. But, apparently for James, those conversations aren’t worth discussing at the moment over the controversy surrounding NBA referee Eric Lewis, the subject of an NBA investigation due to an alleged Twitter conspiracy.

In his first tweet since May 14—two days before Game 1 of the Western Conference finals—James shared his thoughts on the situation, and echoed the thoughts of many fans in the process.

“This Eric Lewis [poop emoji] true???,” James tweeted along with an eyebrow-raising emoji.

James, like many people on NBA Twitter, seemed quite intrigued by what’s happening with the longtime official. On Friday, NBA insider Marc Stein broke the news that the NBA is currently investigating Lewis following claims linking the 19-year official as the owner of a suspicious Twitter burner account. 

Although James’s tweet may not have been the one fans were hoping for, the 38-year-old clearly has a particular interest in the outcome of Lewis’s situation. The two were infamously linked during the season due to James and the Lakers’ strong reaction to the controversial ending of their game against the Celtics on Jan. 28, which Lewis officiated in.

As he settles into the offseason, James has yet to comment on his playing career. But, one thing is for sure, the 20-year veteran clearly has his eyes fixed on the developing Lewis controversy.