Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner levied an eye-opening accusation against Patriots quarterback Mac Jones following their matchup in Week 3

Speaking to reporters after New York’s loss, Gardner claimed that Jones hit him in the “private parts” after tempers flared during the second half.

The star cornerback said that Jones told him “good play” before hitting him below the waist, also telling reporters that he’d never experienced something like that before, via Andy Vasquez of

On the play in question, Jones rushed the ball up the middle but was met by the pile of bodies in the trenches and failed to get through. After officials whistled the play dead, Jones continued to fight for extra yardage, forcing his way through defenders until C.J. Mosley stopped him and threw him to the ground.

As a result, players from both sides got in each other’s faces, and after Jones got back to his feet, Gardner could be seen shoving him back to the floor. Now, the 23-year-old claims a dirty hit was the cause of his retaliatory shove. 

The incident was brought up to Jones after the game. When reporters asked him about the play, New England’s quarterback called it “just football” and said “it’s a physical game.” He then said he didn’t think he hit Gardner with a low blow.

While the two players have differing recounts of the incident, it’s worth noting that no one was flagged on the play, despite the plethora of antics from both teams after the whistle.