The NFL Management Council sent out a memo to all 32 teams on Thursday warning of a non-certified NFLPA agent named Ken Francis who supposedly would be reaching out to clubs about negotiating a contract for Lamar Jackson. Shortly after, the Ravens quarterback responded to the report.

The NFL MVP clarified that he is still not represented by an NFLPA agent. Instead, Francis appears to actually be Jackson’s business partner for a home fitness product that features the quarterback in the commercial.

The misconception was that Francis was attempting to work as an agent for Jackson to try to negotiate contracts for him, but the quarterback explained this was not the case.

“Stop Lying that man never tried to negotiate for me,” Jackson tweeted Thursday.

Francis even told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that “I don’t speak for Lamar.”

Here’s a look at the supposed commercial for Jackson’s joint project with Francis, called “The Entire Gym.”

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero summed up the bizarre situation perfectly with one tweet.

“So to recap: The NFL told teams today they are prohibited from negotiating with a Florida man named Ken Francis, whom Lamar Jackson says never tried to negotiate for him, but is his business partner on a forthcoming home fitness invention with a commercial starring Lamar,” Pelissero said.

This situation comes after the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson on March 7. The two sides have yet to agree on a long-term deal, meaning Baltimore could still trade the quarterback. Various teams have reportedly expressed they are no longer interested in trading for Jackson, though, including the Falcons and Patriots.