When José Altuve broke his thumb in the World Baseball Classic, Astros fans all over the country were devastated that he would miss a few months to start the season. Many fans would literally give their health to Altuve if they could, and that apparently includes non-Astros fans as well.

Actor Mark Wahlberg, who is a Boston sports fan but seems to have jumped on the Astros bandwagon, told media that he would love to help Altuve if it was possible.

“I am also willing to donate either of my thumbs to José Altuve, for sure,” he said. “We’re all good. I’m a big fan.”

Wahlberg claims to be rooting for the Astros because they consistently beat the Yankees, and Altuve is one of the biggest Yankee villains in recent memory. But it’s certainly a little weird that a Red Sox fan would give his health to a non-Red Sox player.

Altuve had surgery on his thumb and there is not a definitive timetable for his return, but it will be a while until he returns to the field.