The Angels kicked off their 2023 season by looking very much like the Angels—they had Shohei Ohtani pitch six scoreless innings with 10 strikeouts and then once he was done on the mound they gave up a pair of runs and lost to the A’s, 2–1. 

The Angels have two of the best players in the world in Ohtani and Mike Trout yet somehow struggle to be relevant past the first month of the season. 

The team, however, did have the coolest play of maybe the year on Thursday when right fielder Hunter Renfroe made an incredible no-look catch on a hard hit ball. 

This catch was amazing and Ohtani’s reaction to it was perfect: 

Just an unreal grab. I love how Ohtani was just walking around in disbelief for what felt like a while. 

But yeah, the Angels can’t lose that game and need to be a lot better than that this year.