When healthy, Paul George is regarded as one of the elite scoring and defending wing players in the NBA.

However, the career trajectory for the Clippers’ star has been derailed by injuries to his shoulder, elbow and knee over the last four seasons. Before his tenure in Los Angeles, George experienced a gruesome injury to his right leg with Team USA in 2014 that nearly sidelined him for the entire 2014–15 season with the Pacers.

Nevertheless, as George prepares for his fifth season in Los Angles, the eight-time All-Star recently stated on his Twitch livestream that he will be back on his “bully s---” this season. In an Q&A with SLAM Magazine, the 33-year-old explained his mindset behind the statement, saying that he plans to “dominate” and “destroy” his opponents during the 2023–24 campaign.

“One hundred percent,” George said. “That’s exactly what I meant. I gotta hold myself accountable to that… Every night I’m on the floor, I’m there to dominate. Whether it’s [being] more physical, or going right at whoever I gotta go at, you’re gonna feel me. I’m having that approach of every time I’m on the floor, I’m there to dominate and destroy you.

George, who enters his 14th season in October, also revealed that the statement he made was based on “unnecessary talk” from other players in the league.

With training camp starting soon, George said his approach is to dominate and to enjoy the last couple years of his career.

“…It’s all about legacy for me,” George said. “…That’s just my approach—I got to finish strong and go back to loving the game and loving to dominate. …[If] I come up short, that’s on me. But that’s how I gotta approach it.”

The Clippers will open preseason action on Oct. 8 against the Jazz and begin the regular season on Oct. 25 against the Trail Blazers.