Following the Lakers’ sweep at the hands of the No. 1 seed Nuggets on Monday night, LeBron James was cryptic regarding his plans for next season.

“We’ll see what happens going forward. But I don’t know,” James said. “I don’t know. I’ve got a lot to think about, to be honest…just for me personally going forward with the game of basketball. A lot to think about.”

James, who turns 39 next December, just concluded his 20th NBA season, but was limited to 55 games due to a foot injury he suffered late in the year.

With James reportedly considering hanging it up, an interesting fan theory has emerged regarding what the Lakers star’s future plans could be.

Prominent NBA Twitter account Rob Perez posed the following:

James retires for a year to watch his son Bronny at USC. By doing this, James will recharge his body and come back in 2024 ready to play. Also, by the time ’24 rolls around, James has a player option with the Lakers that he can decline to become a free agent, allowing him to join whichever team drafts his son Bronny after a one-and-done college career with the Trojans. 

Could James have this exact thinking? Potentially. But in reality, he’s likely considering his foot injury, the healing process and what his offseason will look like after a disappointing end to a deep playoff run.