The Stamford girls track team are state champions for the first time. They had three relays in the track meet, and tied Refugio and Panhandle for the title.

Lainee Lefevre said, “I mean personally I just feel very proud, and proud to represent our school and just be apart of this team and with these girls.”

They prepared like any other team would, some workouts they remember to this day.

In unison, “We run a lot and we run that 50 second run, terrible. Yes.”

Their hard work finally paid off though and had a fast paced day in Austin.

Jameson Bell said “Like as soon as our 4×200 ended, like we got to sit down and celebrate for a little bit, and then we got our call from Hart like we gotta go and get ready for our mile relay and so like it was very quick.”

Six personalities in three relays combined, is guaranteed comedy.

Head coach Britt Hart said, “They’re pretty silly as far as like each and every day they would come up to me and they would always wanted to know what the workout was gonna be. I didn’t like to tell them what the workout was gonna be until we got into the workout but each and everyday they liked eachother and they liked to play around with eachother. They liked to take a lot of breaks in between, they like to do dances 24/7 it seemed like.”

The girls athletic program at Stamford has had a great 48 months. They won a track and field title this year, went to the championship game in basketball in 2022, and won state in softball in 2021.