Take a look in this trophy case. Do you see a girls basketball one anywhere? No? That’s because this Lady Bulldog team is the first team in history to make the state tournament.

Tyler Bevel said, “It feels really good, so like our Sophomore year we made history, but this is much farther than that and so it’s kind of overwhelming to think that no one’s ever done it before. I don’t know I feel really good aout it. We have a good group of girls and a good team. So I feel like it’s fun to do it with them.”

And the feeling is contagious.

Audrey Brewer said, “I don’t know it was me and a couple of my teammates down there with 17 seconds left and I thought wow we really are going to state it’s crazy. It’s definitely a dream come true for us, especially us seniors on our senior year.”

Four seniors’ seasons are coming to an end this weekend, and the underclassman are sad to see them go.

Lainey Lefevre said, “It’s really sad because I’m sad to see my seniors go. They’ve really shaped me honestly, I look up to them even though I play with them.”

Laylonna Applin said, “I’m honestly sad about it because I’ve played with them my whole life. It’s kind of sad to just see them go.”

It’s unusual to play a game early, but this 10 a.m. tipoff is not something they are worried about.

Shandlee Mueller said, “I mean, I think we’ll be fine. We just gotta get up early and get our energy flowing. I’m so glad we didn’t get the 8:30 game cause that would’ve been a different story. But I think we’ll be fine, I mean we’ve played tournament games like you said early in the morning and did well in those so I think we’ll be fine.”

And with it being a 4 1/2 hour drive, having fans there isn’t an issue.

Joe Crabb said, “Everybody, this town is so thrilled. The community support, the student body support is amazing. These people are excited about it and I expect a big crowd there. Even though it’s that far away. They bring it when they come, they sure do.”

Stamford faces Martin’s Mill on Friday morning in San Antonio at 10 a.m.