STAMFORD, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Bulldogs are starting the second version of the Wayne Hutchinson era. 

Coach Hutch takes over a program that went to the playoffs last year, but the fans want more.  

The Bulldogs are one of the biggest teams in the Big Country and those guys won the state lineman challenge this, Summer.  

Stamford is going to lean heavily on the big fellas up front. 

“Just back this Summer we won the O-line competition at Hardin-Simmons so, we’re a lot stronger and we’re hoping to bring that aggression,” said O-lineman Chance Birdsong. “Hawley and Cisco they’re not bigger and stronger than us, they’re not going to scare us.” 

Quarterback Christian Duran said, “I got some big dudes. I mean over the Summer they worked hard, and it paid off. They’ve gotten stronger and faster, and that’s what you hope for as a quarterback and they did it.” 

“Just winning that challenge showed me that they’re competitive,” said coach Hutchinson. “Then when you put that competitive drive behind some big guys up front, they’re going to come off the ball smart and protect your quarterback, open them holes for those running backs, they’re obviously the key to our whole team,” Hutchinson added.  

Having a good line is a key to winning and the Bulldogs, along with their line’s, will be put to the first test at Anderson Stadium against Hamlin.