Stamford’s Bevel and Mitchell “like peanut butter and jelly”


The Stamford Bulldogs were good in 2017, and they expect to be even better in 2018. 

Head coach Ronnie Casey and his team return five starters on both sides of the ball this year. 

Two of the most important are quarterback Peyton Bevel and do-everything-man Tre Mitchell. 

They combined for 3,000 yards, and Mitchell says they are like a popular kids sandwich. 

Tre Mitchell said, “We’re like brothers, on and off the field, we get along really well. Everything we do, we read it together, play it together, and we just see it all at once. It’s a really good connection actually, it’s kind of like peanut butter and jelly. We just mix very well together.”

Head coach Ronnie Casey said, “Both of them are unbelievable athletes, both of them are great kids, and the great part is you have both of them in the backfield. So you can’t just focus on Peyton, you have to focus on Tre, and vice versa.”

Peyton Bevel said, “Me and Tre are close, we’re tight. I mean being in the backfield together you have to have that tight bond. He moved here last year and we’ve just grown closer to benefit the team.”

The Bulldogs are ranked 10th in the state in Class 2A Division I. 

Game number one is Friday against Merkel. 

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