Shelton Stadium at Hardin-Simmons was the home of the State Lineman Challenge on Saturday.

Almost 60 schools brought over 600 student-athletes to compete for the state championship in twelve events.

HSU football coach Jesse Burleson was the brain child behind the state competition, and he loves how much it’s grown over the course of time.

Burleson said, “Well we started doing the lineman challenge a long time ago, just giving the O and D-linemen something to do. Everyone does 7-on-7 and all that kind of stuff. Why not let the big bodies come out and compete? So we developed it a long time ago with six events and about six teams. Now we have 11 events, 56 teams. Over 650 offensive and defensive linemen from the state of Texas. That was really by design. We want to recruit the entire state of Texas. So if we do that, we gotta go to them. So we wanted to get them all involved. So, it’s really just grown. We didn’t know that it would get like this. But it just keeps getting bigger and better every year.”

The big guys getting a chance to shine.

You can expect the State Lineman Challenge to be around for many years to come.