The Anson Tigers start the Cory McCombs era on Friday night on the road.

The Tigers are riding a streak of seven straight playoff appearances, and they want to make it eight in a row this year.

When McCombs took over, he like what he saw in his team but wanted to get the Lions stronger.

The players spent the spring and summer in the weightroom in an effort to make them bigger and stronger, so they could compete with the other teams in the district.

Stryker Dillard said, “We have a good weight program. Coach McCombs came in and implemented new stuff. We’ve been working hard all summer, it’s finally time to put some of that work into action.”

Corey Lane said, “I mean Coach McCombs has been saying that if something means something to you, you’ll show up. I mean we worked all summer, it’s gonna be a big part of our success this year is the weight room.”

Cory McCombs said, “Well, they had a good base when we came in. The kids here have always worked hard and they had a good base and we were able to just build on that base and our kids have grown up some of them. Hopefully we become bigger, faster and stronger through our strength and conditioning during the summer. Continue that into the fall camp, we’re still lifting everyday and trying everything we can to improve.”

Seymour is the first test for the Tigers this season.

That game is in Seymour and gets started at 7 p.m.