The first year of the Danny Dudgeon era in Clyde was one to forget, as far as the wins and losses are concerned.

The experience the young Bulldogs received in that 1-9 season was valuable, though.

Dudgeon and his coaching laid the ground work for the future, and the players say that future starts in the 2023 season.

Blake Carr said, “Our big goal that we’ve been talking about a lot of definitely a district championship and being able to compete for a playoff spot this year, and that’s something we didn’t get to do last year, and that’s something we rally look forward to and hope to get done this year.”

Head Coach Danny Dudgeon added, “They never got down and they understood the process of it. It wasn’t a fun process and they understand that and they don’t want to be back through that process again, but they learned a lot. We were in almost every ball game for most of it still, even though we were even though we were extremely young. The bright side is, we returned 30 of 36, so we’ve got a whole lot coming back and we had a JV that was very successful as well. So we’re very excited about where we’re headed.”

18 positions are filled with returners in Clyde.

They are picked to finish 5th in District 3-3A Division I, according to Texas Football magazine.