SWEETWATER, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Sweetwater Mustangs struggled through a one-win season in 2022, but they are confident they can start the turn around this year.

Fourteen starters are coming for the new season, so that’s good news.

Add to that, the Mustangs take the field with a team that can run, and that is going to be one of the things that helps Russell Lucas’ team put more wins on the board.

Lucas said, “You know last year was a challenge for us, we struggled and you know every team has to find their identity. This team will be no different even if you return everybody it’s still gonna be a little bit different. So we’ll be searching a little for identity a little bit. We have some really good players coming back at some key positions that we are excited about. Maybe some guys moving around to a different position, but a lot of our guys are stronger, faster, playing a different position that we think their skill set is better suited for.”

Korda Moore said, “It’s really tough like Jado said we’ve got a lot of returners and I feel like the district wouldn’t expect us to be that good cause of what happened last year. We had about 14 or about seven freshmen on the varsity team and it just gives us a bigger advantage next year because they will already be experienced.”

The season starts with three road games in the first four and closes with four home games in the last five games.

They open at home on August 25 against Idalou.