SWEETWATER, Texas (BCH Sports)– The Sweetwater Mustangs are back at the Mustang Bowl preparing for the upcoming season and another tough schedule, with a girl on the roster.

Caylynn Joe Cox just moved in and is looking forward to the season and making her dreams come true as a kicker.

Head coach Russell Lucas said, “Well it’s different. I mean we have not experienced that before and she showed some interest in being out here so we’re giving her that opportunity and good for her. Let’s just see how it works out.”
Caylynn Joe Cox said, “I’ve always wanted to kick and everything, and my dad put it off for so long and he finally let me when we moved here. I’ve been training for the past four months. I have a personal trainer I train with to get me ahead and help me out a little bit. Yeah I think it’s setting the standard cause I’ve honestly never seen a girl play either.”