Thank you Drob I am here with head coach Russell Lucas for the Sweetwaer Mustangs. Coach, kind of tell me about the schedule coming up this season. You have Pecos still, they’re not in your district anymore but their still in your nondistrict. Things like that. Break me down the schedule that you have.

Head coach Russell Lucas said, “Well, it’s a little different from last year. We got rid of Stephenville and Jim Ned, they were a little bit of a challenge last year. We have a young squad this, so we had to tone it down a little bit. Pecos stayed on our schedule, they were in our distict last year. Our district is gonna be really tough having Wichita Falls and Graham in there.”

Playoff run was cut short for you guys, this year is there any players that we need to watch that are up and coming and going to be explosive throughout the season?

Lucas added, “We have one of our lineman that are gonna be talented, Noel Muhkogay’s gonna be a big factor for us he’s a returning starter. Malik Brown is gonna be a returning starter he was our runningback last year. We don’t have a lot of guys coming back that were on that varsity team last year, but those guys outta be someone to watch.”

You’re doing a lot of work, you’re in your summer swag right now as I’d call it. You’re getting ready for summer things with football, is there anything you’re kind of going to work on this summer that’s gonna build into the mentality into the season.

Lucas said, “Ya know, our summer workouts, it’s all about showing up everyday and putting in the work and getting stronger and faster. Doing tough things, some folks in our society have a hard time doing things hard. So we’re trying to work on that during our offseason, so we’re prepared for the season cause we anticipate it to be a tough schedule and gotta do some tough things so that’s what we’re working on.”

Well thank you coach Lucas, I look forward to coming down to the Mustang Bowl very soon.