While the Texas Rangers were in Kansas City, the team took the opportunity to go to the Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame.

The museum features imagies from and stories from the best that played in the Negro Leagues while the game was still segregated.

Some baseball fans know names like Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, and Rube Foster, but there are names at the Hall that even current players and Major League front office folks don’t know.

Matt Moore said, “You know in just seeing how rich in history it is and I know we only scratched the surface today but it was fun getting to hear a lot of these stories and trying to put your mind a little bit back of where they were at in that time.”

Jon Daniels said, “What I think it does is it points out some of the great players and the history. Even as a baseball fanatic, as a fan first now professionally like that I’m not aware of and you think about how many other people aren’t aware of the great players.”

The Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame was opened in Kansas City in 1990.