The ACU Wildcats men’s basketball team has three games under their belt in Western Athletic Conference play.

The Wildcats are on the road this week and it’s not ideal to be on the road this much back-to-back, but the team felt there was no way around it either.

Head coach Brette Tanner said, “Yeah the schedule is weird. The league didn’t do us any favors. There’s no such thing as a good schedule in a league as good as ours. Just the weirdness of our home games and playing so many on the road early. If you look at some of the other teams in our league, they’re not having to do anything much this early. That’s okay, we put it behind us, get it behind us and we just have to survive it.”

Damien Daniels said, “It can do two things, it can push you apart or it can push you together. Usually during these times in my past years, we came together in road trips like this during hard games and I expect us to do the same again.”

ACU starts their road game stretch Wednesday against UT- Rio Grande Valley.