The Breckenridge softball team won their first round playoff series this past weekend, but it’s not all business to them.

TikTok is something around the world a lot of people are using these days, the Breckenridge Lady Bucks are using it to have a little fun during the softball playoffs.

Head coach Anthony Kelley said, “Yeah, I actually wanted them to. I’ve got daughters myself, and they are TikTok, ugh people. But I’ve enjoyed it, so I thought maybe the girls would enjoy it so I’m glad they have really taken it up.

Emma Williams said, I think we like started bonding a lot more and our team, we all became like best friends, like we’re sisters now.”

They are viral sensations and several of their videos were seen by over a million TikTok users.

Joni Jackson said, “When someone texted on our thing or whatever, they were like ‘Oh, our TikTok got famous’, I was like what?

Emma Williams added, “I think like the most exciting thing was where we seen like Dick’s Sporting Goods and ESPN was like asking us if they could post us, and that was just like crazy for us. Because we’re a small town, like nobody really get’s recognized like that in a small town.”

Assistant Coach Heather Reatherford said, “I think the girls really don’t how viral they’ve gotten. Like I feel like they think, ‘Oh okay I’ve gotten like 100K views, like i’ve gotten this and that’, no they’ve got one million. Like that’s crazy.”

Famous or not, viral or not, they wanna keep this run in the playoffs going.

Game one of their series with Merkel at Jim Ned starts Friday.