Thursday the Hawley Bearcats took on the Refugio Bobcats, playing in the last game to conclude the last of Big Country teams making it to state.

The Bearcats last year heartbreak turned this year’s season into a reality after being named the Class 2A Division I sate champions.

Hawley beat Refugio with a final score of 54-28 and was able to return home with the schools first state championship title.

Head coach Mitch Ables says he’s proud to represent the Big Country and their team was in support of the others the whole way.

“Big time for the Big Country you know I sat there and you know I’m a big coach Faith fan and I was rooting my tail off for them last night and it was good to see him finally get his. That’s a good football team and we do play pretty good football in the Big Country.
My hats off to those six-man schools as well. We watched that on our phones on the way up here and that’s a crazy game to watch. It’s fast pace, up tempo and you know I’m just proud to be a part of the Big Country and be apart of bringing a title home,” said head coach Mitch Ables.

Hawley ended their season with a perfect 16-0 record.