State championships for Texas High School football is nearing its end this weekend.

There’s only 24 teams in the Lone Star state to have the opportunity to make it to Arlington and this year the Big Country had four teams.

In the Class 1A Division II, the Loraine Bulldogs made school history, being able to play at AT&T Stadium for the very first time.

Although the team did not bring home the gold as they hoped, members on the team says they’re greatful to have their hardwork pay off to get them there.

Wrangler Little said, “It’s been great, I love playing every game. This is exactly where I wanted to be and we got here.”

Davion Walthall said, “It was special, we’ve always dream about it since we were kids. We all grew up together and we’ve all been working hard our whole life really since junior high, even elementary most of us. So we always knew we could be here and we knew this year we’d for sure be here. We were hoping we would get the gold but we made it and that was our goal so we’re happy.”

The Bulldogs ended their season with an overall record off 14-2. Those two losses were both against the Benjamin Mustangs, as they fell in first appearance in state championship game, 68-20.