MUNDAY, Texas (BCH Sports) – It’s been a decade since the Munday Moguls boys’ basketball team has made it to the regional tournament, but this year everything fell into place.

“I’ve always knew this was going to be a year that we were going to have a chance and it’s here,” said head coach Adrian Daniel.

The Moguls and their talented roster of players on a roll, winning game after game and dominating their district going 11-1.

“We’ve been dreaming about this since day one you know, said Bryson Wilson. We put a lot of effort and work into it so it’s really great for us.”

“It’s been a very big jump that we’ve come from, from the beginning of the year until now. We were defiantly still young at the beginning of the year but we’ve progressed now,” said Jaxon Bowman.

The boys playing with a level of intensity and passion that’s not been seen in Munday in years.

“These guys work hard, and they understand that you get one chance and each week we just take one game at a time,” said Daniel.

Coach Daniel says so far, the key to their success is their tough defense, but also playing with a sense of purpose and determination that their opponents simply can not match.

“Basketball nowadays is getting to a point where it’s a scorer’s game, the threes, the high scoring and I’m trying to keep our kids mentally to win games with defense,” said Daniel.

The Moguls hope the success they are having this season creates momentum for the future of the program.

“It’s so cool even for us to just make the regional tournament this year, but it’s not only about us it’s about the teams that are coming up,” said Bowman.

“You know we want to be their motivators and they look up to us so we want to do great things, so we can possibly lead them to do great things when they get into high school,” said Wilson.

This week the team remains focused and dedicated, knowing that a state championship is within reach.

Munday travels to Snyder on Friday to take on Garden City at 6 p.m.