The Jim Ned Lady Indians are historically a strong program, but winning doesn’t just happen.

It takes good players, strong leadership, and a good head coach and the Lady Indians have it all.

The Jim Ned Lady Indians are in the middle of an impressive season, even with a challenging schedule.

“You can kind of control the preseason, you can’t really control the district schedule. So, your ultimate goal is to win a district championship and advance as far as you can in the playoffs. You try to build your schedule to do that, and the girls have handled it well,” said head coach Hunter Cooley.

So far, they’re 22-1, they wish they were undefeated, but that loss may have been a blessing in disguise.

“It was definitely a loss that was good for us because it showed us that we have to work harder, we have to step up, we have to get to where we don’t take plays off or start the game bad, we have to work hard. So that loss made us be Whataburger champs and pushed us to where we are right now,” said Ashlynn Galvin.

With only two seniors, Kate Bryant and Ashlynn Galvin, this years team is a young one, but head coach Hunter Cooley says the overall experience these girls have is what makes them unique.

Cooley said, “We’ve had some freshman last year that had some varsity experience, and some sophomores that’s been there and done that. And then three juniors that’s had that experience too.”

Over the years, Bryant and Galvin have grown their game on the court. So, it sort of took them by surprise on just how much the underclassman have already accomplished.

“They’ve picked up so much this year and it’s just impressed me so much because they’re so talented. Their work ethic is the biggest work ethic we’ve had and so it’s really awesome to be able to step up, be able to lead these girls because they work so hard. So, it’s really easy as a leader,” said Galvin.

“They’re like my family, that’s what it feels like because we’re around each other all the time. It’s just so nice to have these connections and it brings us closer together,” said Bryant.